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 ADA Signs

Complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. ( ADA )

Pictorial Symbol Sign

Tactile and raised at least 1/32". The border dimension of the pictogram shall be 6" minimum in height.


Character height of 21/32" ( 5/8" minimum ). Uppercase, simple serif type positioned directly below the pictogram.

Grade 2 Braille

Positioned directly below text.

Finish and Contrast

Matte, textured background with contrasting white graphics.
Mounting Height and Location

This product is intended for indoor use only. Includes two pieces of foam tape attached to the sign. Remove the protective paper from the tape.


Identification for Permanent Spaces

To comply with the ADA, user must follow ADA guidelines, "..signs shall be installed on the wall adjacent to the latch side of the door.

Where there is no wall space to the latch side of the door, including at double leaf doors, signs shall be placed on the nearest adjacent wall.

Mounting height shall be 60 inches (1525mm) above the finish floor to the centerline of the sign.

Mounting location for such signage shall be so that a person may approach within 3 inches (76mm) of signage without encountering protruding objects of standing within the swing of a door.

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Blue background with white graphics. 6" width x 9" height signs.  












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