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7/8" Thick Door

1-1/4" Thick Pilaster [ Post ]  



  • 80- 4040-BC - [ Brass-Chrome ]  

  • 80- 4040-CS - [ Cast Stainless ]

  • 80- 4040-ZC - [ Zamak-Chrome ]


Packing List


  • 1 - 1-1/4" upper hinge bracket with 3/8" bushing
  • 1 - 1-1/4" lower hinge bracket with pintel assembly.
  • 1 - Thru bolt Fastener Pack 81-004-10
  • 1  - Flange Pack 81-060-01
  • 1  - Pin Cam Pack 81-060-02

Sizing of Door

  • Be sure that pilasters are plumb, level and securely anchored. Select proper door size and color.
  • Correct door is 9/16" less than door opening.
  • Example : 24" opening width = 23-7/16" door - Standard height is 58"
  • Door is normally mounted 12" above finish floor. - Align with divider panels.

Upper Door Preparation



  • Refer to Upper hinge detail.
  • Top hinge must be notched into the upper side of door.
  • Using the upper door flange as a template, drill a 3/8" hole down thru the top edge of door for the hinge pin. Note - the hole must be snug to keep the pin from walking out when used.
  • Insert upper door flange into notch and secure with phillips head screw, furnished.

Lower Door Preparation




  • Refer to Lower hinge detail.
  • Lower hinge must be notched into the Bottom corner of door.
  • Using the lower door flange as a template, drill a 5/8" hole for the pivot cam.
  • Insert lower door flange into notch and secure with phillips head screw, furnished.

Hinge Location on Pilaster    




  • On pilaster, determine the top of door, standard door height is 58" and installed 12" above finish floor.
  • Position upper hinge bracket on pilaster and attach upper hinge bracket to pilaster with 1-way barrel nuts and shoulder screws. 1/4" holes are required.
  • Refer to detail for positioning of bracket.
  • The upper hinge bracket has a 3/8" hole with bushing.
  • Hang door from top hinge, place a 1/8" spacer between hinge and upper flange. This gap is required to allow hinge to ride up when opening.

Note:   Be sure hinge bracket cannot move away from pilaster when the weight of door is applied. Tighten securely.




  • Insert 5/8" cam into lower hinge flange. Note hex neck on cam, this must seat in the hex hole in the flange.
  • Insert the pintel [ male ], attached to the lower hinge, into the cam, fully seated. It may be necessary to loosen the lock nut on the bottom of the hinge bracket so the pintel can turn freely.
  • With the pintel fully seated, position hinge bracket on pilaster and mark hole locations.
  • Drill 1/4" holes and install lower hinge bracket.

Install Door

  • Place door with cam in place in bottom flange.
  • Drive hinge pin into top 3/8" hole, thru the upper hinge bracket, tap until flush. 

Note:  If pin can be pushed into the hole, the pin may walk out. Use tape or other methods to snug pin in hole.

Max door size - 34" x 58" - 80 lbs.


  • Loosen hex nut on bottom of lower hinge bracket, pintel assembly so the pintel can rotate.
  • Position the door at the desired at rest position then secure the pintel.


  • If door fails to return to the desired position, it must be adjusted as described above.
  • If door has been lifted - The Cam insert in bottom of door may unseat - This can cause the hex neck of the cam to wear. If this happens, the cam must be replaced.

  • It may over a period of time, be necessary to apply petroleum jelly to pintel to insure quiet, smooth operation.


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